Giuliano is very practical and a problem solver, I would highly recommend him to my best friend and to my work colleagues. He’s always up to help to solve any website design and PHP issue. Very easy to work with, great communicator. Thanks, Giuliano for your work on my design and e-commerce website!

Beatrice Dodi | Designer


Having known Giuliano Cavallo for over twenty years now, I’ve gotten a rare opportunity to see his skill form develop into a masterful and respected artist though he has transitioned into many different skill forms besides visual art today, one of the most memorable experiences was having the honor of being in his inner circle of friends.

David Rodriguez | IT Specialist


Excellent professional and friendly customer support always a pleasure to work with Giuliano Cavallo. He is extremely talented and has excelled in other skills like web design and development. Always keeping up to date with all emerging technologies for the internet never-ending changes and challanges.

James Jenkins | Chief Executive


This Artist is using design bravely to illuminate the project. The way he is using design has a meaning that everybody understands. The overall design is the language that can explain the project and represents the talent beneath his creative process.

Marija Tanaskovic | Graphic Designer</strong>


Giuliano is very detailed-oriented and produced great results for the company. Projects take more than just a glance in today’s market and technology, having to update and fix software bugs is essential in the maintenance of a business online.

Edward Campbell | Business Owner


Giuliano Cavallo is not just a skilled web developer but is also a remarkable visual artist who has created a collection of remarkable fine artworks through his numerous travels in Chile, Argentina, and the USA.

Heinz Sterzenbach | Gallery Owner